Summerfield Farm is proud to announce that Kaley Pratt has joined our staff as Head Trainer and Barn Manager bringing 25 years of riding, showing and training experience to our barn.  She also brings with her a demonstrated track record of performance excellence as both an amateur and professional rider and trainer.  Kaley comes to us from the Garrison Forest School where she served as their Equine Healthcare Manager, Facility and Barn Staff Manager, and Advanced Riding Instructor.

 Individual Riding Excellence

Kaley’s personal riding achievements are impressive with examples of her major individual riding accomplishments shown below.  She has clearly demonstrated that she has the knowledge and experience to teach at any level of riding excellence.


Winner $5,000 Pensacola Winter Premier Adult Jumper Classic


Winner Ariat Adult Medal at the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival
Winner $12,000 Capital Challenge Child/Adult Jumper Prix
Winner $5,000 Vermont Summer Festival Adult Jumper Classic
Winner $5,000 Blue Rock NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic
2nd Place Upperville Colt & Horse Show $5000 Adult Jumper Classic
2nd Place Adult Equitation Finals at the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival
5th Place at the Washington International Horse Show Adult Jumper Final
5th place at the North American League Adult Jumper Finals


Winner $10,000 Washington International Horse Show Adult Jumper Final
Winner $15,000 Vermont Summer Festival Child/Adult Jumper Prix
Winner $12,000 Capital Challenge Child/Adult Jumper Prix
Winner $10,000 Country Heir Child/Adult Jumper Prix at Lexington, KY
2nd Place at the $10,000 North American League Adult Jumper Finals

 Instructor and Show Team Experience

Kaley has taken show teams to A-Rated shows up and down the East Coast from Vermont to Florida.  She will be bringing interested members of Summerfield’s Show Team to the HITS Culpepper Cavalier Classic from July 8th through July 12th, and to the Vermont Summer Festival from July 27th through August 9th.  Kaley’s belief is that every show has something for every rider no matter what the skill or experience level.  Regardless of whether someone is competing in short stirrup or jumping 4’ these shows are a fun way to build lifelong memories and a great bonding experience.

Personalized Training Programs

Kaley knows that each of our students needs an individualized training and show plan to achieve their personalized goals.  She goes beyond the riding skills and incorporates both strength and conditioning aspects to her instruction programs in order to develop her equestrian athletes to their full potential.  No two riders are exactly alike.  She will work with each Summerfield family member to develop a training and show schedule that is individually tailored to maximize the remainder of this year’s show season while also preparing for the winter season and next year’s shows.  Whether you love the unrated BEST shows, or aspire to win at the A-Show level and beyond, you should have an easily understood plan for how you – or your child – will reach that goal.  Kaley is ready to meet with you one-on-one to get this plan in place.

 Individualized Saddle Programs

Kaley is sponsored by Voltaire Saddles and her saddle representative offers tailored fit and maintenance of your saddles onsite at Summerfield.  Voltaire also offers you a junior saddle program where you can purchase a saddle and exchange it every year as your rider grows.  The purchase of a saddle and then the annual fee is $500 per year to participate in the exchange.

 Tailored Horse and Pony Care

Just like our riders, each of our horses and ponies need individualized plans.  Feed, hay, turnout, grass, bedding, water, vet care, farrier service and grooming must be tailored to the special needs of each horse and pony.  Kaley is a true expert in establishing individualized care plans that ensure your rides remain healthy and sound.  She is ready to meet with you one-on-one to get your horse or pony onto an individualized plan.

 Contact Kaley Directly at Any Time

You can reach Kaley directly by calling or texting her at 352-494-1714 or by emailing her at  You can sign up for our Culpepper and Vermont Trips, set up a meeting to establish individualized rider goals and plans, discuss individualized horse or pony care plans, get into the Voltaire Saddle Program and schedule your first lesson with her.

 Full-Time On-the-Property Leadership

She begins full-time with us on Monday, July 6th, but she is available on a case-by-case basis if you need her before that date.  She, and her husband Collin, are moving into the farmhouse and will reside on the farm full-time.  Kaley is a consummate professional and has one focus which is the level of excellence you and your ride experience each time you come to Summerfield Farm.     We are lucky to have her!

Summerfield Farm Welcomes Kaley Pratt!