Summerfield Farm

6033 Fisher’s Station Road, Lothian, MD 20711


Owner’s Name: __________________________________(Owner) Horse’s Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Primary Telephone Number: (______) _______________ Alternate Telephone Number: ___________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________ Alternate Email: __________________________________________________________________  
DESCRIPTION OF HORSE BEING BOARDED (hereinafter known as “The Horse”). Name: _______________________________________________

Age:_____ Sex_______________________ Color/Markings:_________________________________________________________________________  

By this agreement, made and entered this ______ day of ____________, 20__ by and between _________________________________ hereinafter known as “OWNER” and Chesapeake Horse & Pony, LLC., doing business as Summerfield Farm, 6033 Fisher’s Station Road, Lothian, MD 20711, hereinafter known as the “FARM”.  

IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1. Owner agrees to pay the FARM’s boarding rate for the chosen boarding package (Owner to initial chosen package on this Boarding Agreement.  

Contact us for current pricing information._  
  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
1.  A security deposit of one full month’s Basic Full-Care Board (last month’s board) is due at the time the stall is reserved.  The Owner agrees to pay the FARM’s rate for services, lessons, shows and extras provided per the price list posted on our website, or provided as a written agreement between the Owner and Management and appended to this Boarding Agreement.   Rates are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.  

2. Invoices are emailed on the first of the month.  Invoices include board for the coming calendar month, and all services (training rides, lessons, coaching), supplies and fees incurred during the previous calendar month.  Invoice payments are due upon receipt.  A late fee of $25 will be assessed for payments received between the 7th and 14th day of the month.   A late fee of $50 will be additionally assessed for payment received between the 15th and the end of the month.  Non-essential services (training, lessons, show coaching, etc.) will be suspended for accounts more than 30 days late and will not resume until the account is in good standing.  There will be a $35 charge for returned checks.    

3. Owner agrees that the Horse will adhere to the FARM’s deworming, immunizations, and Coggins schedules.   Owner gives FARM permission to contact a veterinarian or farrier as needed if Owner cannot be reached in the event of an emergency. The owner agrees to promptly pay all expenses for all services rendered on behalf of the Horse as well as any trailering, travel or accommodation expenses incurred by the FARM as a result of said medical emergency. 

4.  Summerfield Farm shall not be accountable for, and owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Farm for any liability damages to the horse of any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to loss, fire, theft or running away, unless caused by the gross negligence and/or misconduct of the FARM, its agents and/or employees.  The Owner further agrees to accept sole responsibility at all times for any and all acts of the horse, including but not limited to injury to the FARM’s property, personnel, invitees, and agents, or any other persons on the property unless caused by the gross negligence and/or misconduct of the FARM, its agents and/or employees.  The Owner understands that the FARM does not carry any insurance on the horse, whether public liability, accidental injury, theft or equine mortality, and that all risks connected with the horse are to be borne by the owner unless caused by the gross negligence and/or misconduct of the FARM, its agents and/or employees. Summerfield Farm suggests that each Owner carry a health and mortality insurance policy on their horse. 

5. Owner agrees that this FARM shall not be liable for any direct loss or damage of tack, equipment and/or trailer unless caused by the gross negligence and/or misconduct of the FARM, its agents and/or employees. Owner is hereby advised that, while on the premises, your horse, tack, equipment and trailer are not covered by Summerfield Farm or its insurance carrier. 

6. In the event that the Owner/Rider is a minor, the parents signing this form agree to, at all times, be present and fully and completely supervise the minor while the minor is at this FARM. 

7.  If board shall remain unpaid for a period of thirty days the Owner hereby grants the FARM, upon thirty days’ notice in writing to the Owner, a lien on the animal. The notice must be served by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested, addressed to the address of the Owner as stated above and by email. After 30 days the FARM may sell the animal along with any registration certificate issued by the breed association at public sale to satisfy the account. Provided FARM complies with the specific terms set forth in this paragraph, Owner agrees to relinquish title of any and all breed association registration papers upon sale. The proceeds of the sale, after paying all expenses thereof, shall be applied to liquidate the indebtedness secured by the lien including all charges accrued in caring for the animal up to the date of the sale, and the balance be paid over to the Owner. If the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover the indebtedness, the Owner shall pay the difference to the FARM. 

8. Owners and their invitees agree to sign a Summerfield Farm Liability Release Waiver prior to handling or riding any horse on the FARM, to wear a certified helmet at all times while mounted and not to ride on the premises unless there is another person present.  Owners and their invitees agree to abide by the Summerfield Farm Rules and Policies (provided in this package and posted on our website  

9.  The Owner must give the FARM at least 30 days’ notice of termination of this agreement. The Owner agrees to pay any and all outstanding bills in full prior to removing the horse from this FARM.  

10.  Summerfield Farm reserves the right to terminate this agreement, whereby the Horse shall be removed from the Farm immediately following fourteen (14) days’ written notice.  In such case, the Owner is responsible for all fees incurred during the Horse’s stay.  Any unearned fees paid to the FARM in advance shall be returned to the Owner upon termination of this Agreement.  

11.  This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties.  No other agreements, promises, or representations, verbal or implied, are included herein unless specifically stated in this written agreement.  This contract is made and entered into in the State of Maryland, and shall be enforced and interpreted in accordance with the laws of said State. 
Vaccination Requirement: All horses at Summerfield Farm must have a current negative Coggins test, and owners must provide documentation of current immunization status for the horse for Tetanus, Rabies, West Nile, Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Influenza (Flu), Rhinopneumonitis (Herpes) and Strangles.  We recommend vaccination against Botulism.  

Deworming Schedule: Owner is advised that the FARM will assess deworming needs and administer dewormer based on the recommendation by our veterinarian, and that the Owner will be billed for the cost of the dewormer.      

Are there any medical issues or special care requirements for your Horse that the FARM should be aware of?       

I, the, owner/rider/boarder/parent and undersigned, acknowledge that this agreement is entered into in the State of Maryland and will be interpreted and enforced under its law. I, the undersigned, being of legal age and of sound mind and not being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, have read and understand the foregoing agreement and release. I also acknowledge receipt of a copy of this agreement and am in full agreement with Summerfield Farm’s Rules and Liability Release signed and/or posted on the premises.   
Signature of Owner or Authorized Agent:    ________________________________ Date: _________________  
Signature of Summerfield Farm Owner: ___________________________________ Date: _________________ 

Summerfield Farm Boarding Agreement